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DTMMS is able to continue its mission of making the wheels, keys, teachings, and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path available to those who seek them through your support and generosity. By contributing to a fund listed below, you'll help ensure that our work continues. Online donations are quick and easy using our secure credit card transactions. We welcome donations of all sizes and payment plans – whether it's a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or part of a matching gifts program.

DTMMS is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization. 
Donations are tax deductible as permitted by law.
You can make donations to DTMMS by contacting the DTMMS office at:

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society
P.O. Box 12397
Scottsdale AZ 85267

Or, for Rainbow Powers Center donations, download our printable donation form.

The General Fund » Donate Online

The General Fund supports projects such as publications and the development of new programs and services dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path wheels, keys, teachings and ceremonies as well as for day to day operational needs of the organization.

Project Lighthouse » Donate Online

Project Lighthouse will fund our goal to facilitate online access to time-tested Sweet Medicine SunDance Path spiritual tools, teachings and wisdom by anyone with internet and a true desire to learn and grow.

Project Lighthouse Additional Details »

Completion of the Children's and Visitor Cabins on Ceremonial Land » Donate Online 

We are so fortunate to have had such quick and generous help to manifest three permanent cabins on our ceremonial land. These cabins were utilized by both the children at SunDance and also participants of Alpha and Gold Lodges. We still need $7,000 to complete the cabins! This includes: metal skirting around the bases for pest and erosion control, ventilation adjustments for cooling, and permanent bunk beds with mattresses. Our goal is completion before SunDance 2017!

Completion of Taj (our ceremonial land gathering structure) » Donate Online

In 2016, DTMMS received a low interest rate loan from a donor that wished to remain anonymous. From that loan, we were able to finance the construction of a ceremonial gathering space (the Taj) on SunDance land. Our agreement with the donor was that we would repay all of the funds in 15 years. In gratitude for their gift of their generosity, our goal is repay the loan in less than 10 years! Help us to achieve that goal by donating to the Taj loan fund.

Rainbow Powers Center Building Fund » Donate Online 

Help us complete the vision of the Rainbow Powers Center! We seek to pay off the loan for the building of the final, completion piece, of our new home: the Black Lodge Fitness Wing devoted to the development of physical mastery.

Rainbow Powers Center Building Fund Additional Details »

Event Support » Donate Online

Your contributions to this fund will support our events, including our annual ceremony of personal and collective intending, by providing financial support to Dancers and others who make this possible. (Please note that contributions intended for specific individuals are NOT tax-deductible and should not be given through this site, but instead should be either sent to the specific person or sent to DTMMS by check with a note saying for whom it is intended.)

Event Support Additional Details »

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan Memorial » Donate Online

Many of you have asked how you can honor SwiftDeer and support Dianne and our Lineage. In lieu of flowers, we request that you honor SwiftDeer by sending a donation to this special memorial fund. This fund is dedicated to the full actualization of Swift’s big heart desire to have a fully functioning dojo where the Masters of the Eight Great Powers could come and share their knowledge.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan Memorial Additional Details »
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Shamanic Dearmoring/APA, AZ

10/19/2018 » 10/21/2018
Red Lodge Longhouse, Australia, #4

10/25/2018 » 10/28/2018
Red Lodge Longhouse, Italy, #5

10/26/2018 » 10/28/2018
Red Lodge Longhouse, AZ, #5

11/1/2018 » 11/4/2018