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Project Lighthouse



 This page is available in both German and Italian.

Shining Online

In 2017, DTMMS is focused on two important areas:

 1) Online Excellence through a new website

 2) A Credible Magnetic Reputation


We are calling this “Project Lighthouse” (in German, in Italian).

Our goal is to facilitate online access to time-tested Sweet Medicine SunDance Path  spiritual tools, teachings and wisdom by anyone with internet and a true desire to learn and grow.


A top New York web design company, Ruckus, is designing a new website to facilitate delivery of online teachings and events, and create a magnetic and engaging digital home for DTMMS and its affiliates.


At the same time, SEOP - another top-ranked company – will be working with DTMMS to ensure that the online narrative accurately reflects who we are as an organization, who SwiftDeer was as a person, and to show proudly what this Path offers for the earnest seeker of knowledge.


These two projects are game changers for how we do what we do. Our new “digital home” will bring together our global community by offering information and resources to inspire first-time visitors, seekers and apprentices to walk their path with heart.

Three ways you can support Project Lighthouse

Donating is a highly inspirational act that fuels positive change and transformation and sends a strong ripple out into the world. If this Path has touched you or your family, we ask you to consider joining the growing group of donors helping to enhance DTMMS’s online presence and offerings. No amount is too small, no amount too large.

  1. Donations can be made online at Checks can be mailed to DTMMS, PO Box 12397, Scottsdale AZ 85267.
  2. Connect us to other potential donors. If you know someone who likes or loves this Path and what it offers, and who may wish to donate, please put us in touch so we can share the ways to support this work.
  3. Prayers of support. If it is not possible for you to donate right now, we welcome your prayers for the full actualization and success of this project.

We welcome every type of support from our international community in developing a cohesive, worldwide web presence. For more information please contact Matt Lore at or Ingrid Liepa at

Why we need your help

DTMMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to house the metis teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. As a non-profit, our income and ability to serve and grow comes from our supporters. All fees and donations from apprentices and donors are used to further our mission of protecting, preserving and sharing the SMSD wheels, keys and ceremonies. The money generated through apprentice fees and longhouses covers the cost of day-to-day operations. Special projects, like a new website and improved internet presence depend on the financial support of donors like you. 

What we offer all our donors

  • Abundant thanks and gratitude
  • Careful fiscal stewardship of donated funds and strong project management
  • Charitable donation tax receipt (so far U.S. donors only)

The new website will feature:

  • Easy navigation for all users (including apprentices, first-time visitors, friends of DTMMS, and more)
  • Clear and evocative branding
  • Enhanced e-commerce and e-learning functions
  • Visually engaging pages
  • Showcasing of DTMMS’s worldwide presence
  • Specific content in multiple languages
  • Access to a growing list of streaming video and audio products
  • Enhanced social media integration
  • Smartphone and tablet compatibility

Our vision of success:

  • More seekers find and explore the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path/DTMMS
  • The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path/DTMMS has a recognizable and resonant brand, and cohesive worldwide digital presence
  • The website provides an engaging look, feel and user experience that can easily be updated over time
  • Apprentices and seekers around the world can access a wide range of online teachings and learning events from their homes, using their device of choice
  • Seekers, apprentices and leaders can register for events, complete forms and make payments with ease 
  • Seekers and apprentices can view content in multiple languages
  • Apprentices, leaders and seekers actively share and promote the new website and associated social media feeds
  • DTMMS continues to grow and evolve in alignment with the times


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