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Wheel of Abundance - From Thunder Strikes

Wheel of Abundance — From Thunder Strikes

Abundance is the naturalness of the Universe. The more one gives, the more abundance returns. This is not a myth or mystery. It is the Law of Return. The mineral, plant and animal world all know this.


"When I give abundantly, I increase my present and future wealth by honoring and aligning with Sacred Law” - Jeff Hohensee

Abundance is the naturalness of the Universe. The rain doesn’t wait to see what it will get back; the sun doesn’t hesitate to shine, wondering if the earth will give back within a certain given time. The flowering bush doesn’t worry or fret about which blossom will produce the best fruit before releasing its nutrients. It is only we two-leggeds, still in the act of becoming humans, that bargain instead of freely give.

Wheel of Abundance

Most of us recognize the south as imbalanced. We may still play the north game to get what we think we want, and the west is definitely where we still hesitate to freely give for fear of not receiving a return. In the east we practice medicine gifting in many arenas. However, it’s the center of the wheel where true abundance is manifested.

"When I set the goal for next year’s increase in my net profit, I determine how much money I will tithe – not how much money I will make. Tithing multiplies the return to me faster and with greater relianc­­e than any other form of investment. This principle has never failed me.” - Multi-millionaire business man


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