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The Gateway Process of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path

The Gateway Process

The "Gateway" process is the underlying structure for the process of self-growth and self-development within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Each gateway consists of specific ceremonies, teachings, and tasks designed to guide the student through stages of growth and maturation by providing opportunities to engage with self, life, nature. This process involves the balanced development of all our aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and soul force energy.

All of the mystery schools of spiritual knowledge in the Eight Great Powers have gateway processes (though, of course, they may look very different).

What is a "mystery school"?

A "mystery school" is a school of spiritual knowledge and growth which engages with the internal knowing which can only be gained by direct experience. It is a school which ventures into the unknown, the mysterious, the mystical.

Rather than having a mediated experience of spirit, of God, of the Greater, students of religious mysteries seek to know spirit directly, through their own experience.

For several centuries, the sacred "mystery" knowledge of how to connect with Spirit, how to have a meaningful life in harmony with fellow humans and nature, was largely taught to only a few privileged adepts. Fortunately, alchemy, sacred laws, magick and tools to gain freedom have been kept by the magickal lodges and secret societies of the Eight Great Powers. Now, given both the need and the readiness within the human collective, these teachings are again available to anyone seeking personal growth and spiritual awakening.

What does this mean for ME?

If you find conventional religion confusing or not satisfying, you may be seeking a more direct, "mystical" connection with Spirit.

The mystery schools in any of the Eight Great Powers (which include Christian, Jewish, and Islamic schools) can provide you with the opportunities, teachings and experiences which open... The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path is part of the Southwest power of the Eight Great Powers. Through gateway teachings, tasks and ceremonies, students of this path have the opportunity to make their own connections to Spirit, to develop their own true knowing (as opposed to the "knowing" that comes from being told something is so). The gateway process is a step-by-step guide, drawing on the wheels and keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, providing a rich, diverse set of tools for spiritual (as well as emotional, mental, and physical) growth and maturation.

Each person has a unique set of needs, desires, and goals in this quest for spirit, for connection, for knowledge. If you are seeking growth and maturation in direct connection with Spirit, with balance in all of you aspects (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) and in alignment with Sacred Law, the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path has something to offer you.

The Red Lodge Longhouse and the First Three Gateways

Our Red Lodge Longhouse Program offers a time proven step-by-step process of education and integration - the most efficient way to move through the first 3 gateways of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Ceremonies in the First GatewayThe Red Lodge Program is designed to give you the necessary knowledge, exercises and most ceremonies for one gateway experience within each year. We meet seven times in a twelve month period — once every other month for six weekends and once for a full ceremonial week in nature.

Our Path is the Path of a Warrior


It is a great journey —
but you must do the walking
and have the willingness to change
and make the leap into
the next level of human evolution.
Become an inquisitive free thinking
individual that takes
responsibility for your life
and the spiritual accountability to live life to the fullest.


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