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Healing: A Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Perspective

What Is Healing?

Healing in the Sweet Medicine SunDance WayIn this paradigm, the healed, or healthy, person is not just someone whose body is free from disease. True health encompasses our emotions, mind, spirit, and sexuality as well as our body. When we speak of healing, we mean coming into balance in all our aspects as well as with the natural world, into alignment with Sacred Law, and into alignment with one's true self.

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path healing paradigm is a shamanic way of approaching healing. However, it is not a "traditional" way: it incorporates knowledge from several shamanic paths as well as western science. It is a multifaceted approach to healing that addresses all aspects of us as humans: emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual/soul force as well as the physical.

The basic premises in this healing paradigm are:

  • We look to get at cause, at the spiritual level.
  • each of us heals himself or herself - no one else can do it for us. We must be willing to take responsibility for our own healing (and our own lives!).
  • We heal through proper balance and alignment - Our healing ceremonies help to create a bridge between spirit and matter, which allows transformation or change, and healing, through regaining balance and alignment with Sacred Law and the energies of the universe.
  • The person who has requested a healing ceremony is not the only one to heal - All who participate have the opportunity to heal themselves in some way.
  • Disease is a teacher that we call in to learn some particular thing - Understanding this, and where we are in our pattern of learning, is critical to our healing.
  • The people sitting on the healing circle hold the image of the full potential of the Apprentice, but without attachment to the outcome (it is not their job to heal the Apprentice, only to make the space available for him to heal himself).
  • Healing can take other forms than the return of the physical body to health.

Through deep communication with the body and with Spirit, illness becomes a confrontation that guides and inspires the creation of a more balanced and conscious reality.

Our Healing Ceremony

Our healing ceremony can address a full range of physical illnesses or ailments. A circle of trained people provides a sacred space for the individual seeking healing to go deep within to identify and make choices necessary to get at cause and to heal him/herself.

The process of the healing begins with the healing intake, which is a questionnaire that investigates all aspects of the problem as well as a comprehensive history of life events. Completion of the intake provides the individual an opportunity for introspection, self-awareness and insight into life choices that created this problem. The answers to the questions also help in the design of the appropriate ceremony.

The healing ceremony uses shamanic techniques to work with the symptoms as well as the causes of the illness. Techniques include crystal and other doctoring, bodypaintings, sand paintings, and sacred healing chants. These help the individual balance her energy fields, release blocks, encode archetypal healing images into the chakras, and deepen her/his awareness of her patterns. The Dance Chief, who designs and conducts the ceremony, is in close contact with the individual throughout the ceremonial process to guide and support the healing.

The process of the ceremony gives the Apprentice the opportunity to look at why he brought the illness into his life and where and how he desires to change his life to heal, and then to make the changes as he chooses. The circle holds the image of the person's full potential, to allow him the largest possible space for choice.


If You Are Seeking Healing in Your Life…

If you have a specific physical illness to address, a healing ceremony may be appropriate. Or, you may simply want to apply these principles in your life for self-healing.

A Healing Ceremony

A Ceremony can offer you:

  • Reflections about choices you have made – and are still making – that created the ailment or disease
  • The opportunity to use the power of the healing circle to make changes in your life
  • The possibility of a healed body

For more information, or to request a healing:

  • Contact  the Phoenix Healing Team  to request a Healing Intake Questionnaire or to request more information
  • Send completed intake questionnaires to the Phoenix Healing Team (note that healings are possible in other locations, including Michigan, Toronto, Calgary, the US pacific northwest, and southern California - contact DTMMS for more information)
  • If you are already working with the SMSD path, you may also talk to your teacher, lodge leader or apprentice guide

If You Are Seeking Training in Our Healing Paradigm…

The core of our healing paradigm is empowering people to heal themselves. In our training, you will learn to empower others, while learning to heal yourself. You will practice various shamanic healing techniques using crystals, chants and other tools, and gain the necessary skills to be an essential part of a healing circle. If you are interested in training in our healing paradigm, contact the Phoenix Healing Team.

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