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Black Lodge: Training for Physical Mastery

Developing Physical Skills

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path works with self-growth in all five of our aspects as humans: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and soul force.

In Black Lodge we work with our physical. This includes our general health, our development of new skills, our ability to take care of ourselves financially, and our ability to defend ourselves and those we love. This physical training and development is part of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path gateway process.

Through Ten No Kishi Dojo, we offer training in self-defense with physical conditioning. In addition, we offer training in the safe and effective handling of firearms.

Courses are taught in or near Scottsdale, Arizona, just outside Phoenix. These programs are designed for men and women, of all ages and abilities. No prior experience is required.

Additional firearms training is available through Thunder Strikes Productions NRA courses and SwiftCare courses, and also through NRA-approved instructors and courses, in many locations in the US. Wilderness and Urban survival are available through several schools, such as Tom Brown's Tracker School.

Why Is It Called Black Lodge?

As with the vast majority of the teachings in this lineage, teachings about our aspects as humans are set on a wheel (see the Red Lodge Year One page for the wheel itself). Our physical aspect sits in the West.  On the color wheel, the West is black.  So, the longhouse or program dealing with our physical aspect is called Black Lodge.

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