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Red Lodge Longhouse Year One

Red Lodge Longhouse - First Year

During these six weekends of First Year Red Lodge you will learn about:

Medicine Wheels

Medicine wheels symbolize life as a never-ending circular process, rather than a linear experience with a beginning and an end. We overlay wheels (put them on top of each other) to connect the concepts in each direction. In this way, we learn. For example, if we overlay these two wheels:

Human aspects - emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, soul foruce
Proper use of energy - giving, holding, receiving, determining, catalyzing

We learn how our aspects can be used most effectively:
  • catalyze (spark change) in our sexuality
  • give with our emotions
  • determine with our spirit
  • etc.
If we do otherwise, we end up out of balance. For example, do you know someone who determines with their mind, over-thinking decisions, perhaps getting caught in "paralysis by analysis"?  Or perhaps someone who gives with their body, doing and doing and doing until they burn out?

Here are two more fundamental medicine wheels:

The Elements

The Elements of creation - water, earth, wind, fire, void


The Four Worlds

Four Worlds of Grandmother Earth: minerals, plants, animals, humans


Did you ever notice that a dog feels happy when you feel happy, and sad when you're sad? That's because animals are receivers of energy. We humans are determiners of energy (notice we are now overlaying the Wheel of Energy Uses with the Four Worlds). What are we determining for the future of our planet?

In Red Lodge we change ourselves, and ripple positive changes into the world like a pebble dropped in a pond. The above is only one part of the first weekend!

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