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Red Lodge Longhouse Year Two

Red Lodge Longhouse - Year Two

The second year deals with our substance — our physical reality, our physical body.

Red Lodge Year Two - ceremonies, studentsYou will discover what kind of character structure you have and why your body looks and works as it does. You will learn about your molding, sculpting and armoring and how you have created a predictable pattern of reaction to people and events in your daily life.

The task of this year is to see where and how your patterns limit your experience of anything new.

You will explore what your energy body is like, what energy laws apply to it, and how your senses could and should function if you break the old patterns. Of course, you will receive plenty of techniques to break these patterns — but you have to do them yourself. You will learn about the potential that you already carry within your energy body and about energy sensitive perception (ESP) and how to increase it.

And you will learn how to use basic medicine tools and power items.

You will learn much more about the different levels of dreaming and receive tools and techniques to use in the art of controlled dreaming.

You will learn how to work with mesas and how to make your home into a strong vortex of power.

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