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Red Lodge Longhouse Year Three

Red Lodge Year Three ceremonies in nature

Red Lodge Longhouse - Year Three

The teachings, ceremony and your integration of this Third Year of Red Lodge ensure your ability to use the tools for self-healing as well as in service to others.

The Healing Paradigm of the Twisted Hairs is a highly sophisticated structure that enables you to recognize the cause behind symptoms of sickness, disease and illness. The model for problem analysis and recognition can be used in other places, as well: you will learn to discern the underlying causes of other problems, and what to do to find the solution, by applying this model to them.

You will also be given tools for living your life in "Dharma” – a life of strong spiritual determination where you are no longer at the effect of old patterns but open to new opportunities and evolution into your higher potential.

The Third Year provides teachings and practice that help you hone your skills and bring this excellence into your everyday life, bringing you more health, hope, happiness, humor and harmony.

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9/13/2018 » 9/20/2018

9/21/2018 » 9/23/2018
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9/27/2018 » 9/30/2018
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9/27/2018 » 9/30/2018
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