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Red Lodge Longhouse Year Four

Red Lodge Longhouse - Year Four

The Fourth Year of Red Lodge offers more teachings, techniques and ceremonies that support you to become the "Rainbow Warrior” who has written a "new story”. This is the "Great Work” of re-creating yourself.

  • You will be given more advanced tools to live in Dharma that are key to manifesting the power and beauty you are seeking in your everyday life.
  • You will delve more deeply into the SMSD Healing paradigm that was introduced in Year Three, giving you a greater insight into healing yourself and being of service to others. Within this self healing, you will be given teachings on how we all play out addiction in our lives and what we can do to change this.
  • You will also learn and experience healing within a Ceremonial Healing Circle as well as skill training in the various roles of the Healing Circle.

Another important aspect at this level of Red Lodge is to understand your inner maturational process of evolution so that you can appreciate and express the great potential inside you.

This fourth year of Red Lodge offers skill training in leadership to discover your individual gifts and shining as you evolve into the Rainbow Warrior who is committed to being of service to life and others and being part of the solution on this planet.

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