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Self-Defense Training

Self Defense Training
Personal Protection Skills

Offered by the Ten-No-Kishi Dojo - visit our site for weekly martial arts training in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Special Event August 16-18, 2013
Weekend Self-Defense Workshop with Marc MacYoung

Start with a stand-alone talk Friday evening on Crime Avoidance - come to this even if you can't make it to the rest of the weekend!

On Saturday, learn more about how to be effective with your body.

On Sunday, learn the psychology and dynamics around knife attacks.

Learn from a guy who has decades of martial arts training AND lots of practical experience!

For more information or to register:

Learn self-defense skills and test them against trained attackersOur Self-Defense Intensive

This five day intensive self defense training actually contains two programs, one for men and one for women, both taught in the same room at the same time. Basic techniques and a graduation test will be given to all students.

  • WHAT: self defense intensive training course / personal protection awareness training (PPAT)
  • PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Moderate physical condition and stamina. Course involves physical contact under challenging conditions.

Learn effective techniques for self-defense

Discover Your Power

Men will learn the most common types of male attackers, such as blind siders (surprise attackers) and grapplers. Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, a 10th Degree Black Belt with a wealth of combat and street experience, will share his specially designed techniques for stopping each of these types of attacks.

Women will learn how to defend themselves against rape attacks. Current research confirms what Harley SwiftDeer has taught for over 30 years: your best option is to fight. But proper training is essential! This course will train your body to respond in a crisis. Participants will learn common rapist profiles, such as the neighbor/acquaintance rapist and the passive/aggressive personality type. These profiles, and the corresponding techniques for stopping these predators, are based on Harley SwiftDeer's thesis, which included in-person interviews of 150 imprisoned rapists and 150 rape victims, studies of actual police reports, and many years of refinement to find the most effective self defense techniques. Most rape prevention courses in existence today are based on Harley SwiftDeer's original research (also known as psychological rape awareness and Personal Protection Awareness Training [PPAT]).

Increase Your Confidence

Our new workout space in the Rainbow Powers CenterAll students will learn and practice basic punches, blocks and kicks together. Towards the end of the course, each participant goes through a challenging graduation exercise that allows the students to put together all of the skills that they have learned, and to strike specially trained and heavily padded "attackers." This entire self defense training takes place in our martial arts dojo in Scottsdale, Arizona, in a strictly supervised, powerful and supportive environment.

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